How To Choose A Portable Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers can be termed as life savers as they are meant to stop fire from spreading. For this reason, it is important to have the correct fire extinguisher because if you happen to use a wrong type, chances are that you will even be helping the fire to spread largely.

What do you need to be protected?
In order to choose a suitable and portable fire extinguisher, first you need to have a proper reason as to why you need it and where you are to have it installed. For instance, if it is in the kitchen, chances of grease fire originating from cooking is most likely, so a chemical extinguisher will be appropriate.
If the place you want to install it is where you have electronic equipment, then consider a CO2 fire extinguisher to be the appropriate one.

The type of extinguisher
Fire extinguishers are classified according to classes of fire that they can put off.

Class A extinguishers: this type will be employed in putting off fires that are caused by normal combustibles like plastics, cloth, wood, waste, and paper, among others.
Class B extinguishers are those ones which are used when extinguishing fire that is caused by liquids that are flammable like oil, petrol, grease and gasoline.
Class C extinguisher: these are extinguishers that put off fire which is caused by electrical devices and equipment like transformers.
Class D extinguisher. Fires caused by combustible metals like magnesium, potassium, sodium and aluminum are extinguished by this type.
Class K extinguisher. Fires triggered by cooking oils, grease and fats are put off by this type

All these types of extinguishers have one mechanism of using them which is PASS: Pulling the pin, Aiming the base of the fire with the nozzle, Squeezing the lever, and Sweeping of the nozzle from one side to another till the fire is completely put off.

How quick will the fire spread?
You should approximate quickness of the fire to spread in that area and the duration it can take for you to be alerted. Using these two approximations, you can choose to buy a lower or higher rating. For instance, fire caused at a garage is likely to spread at a very fast pace, thus selecting a higher rating fire extinguisher will be fine. If it is in an office, consider buying a lower rating as the fire is not likely to spread very fast.

The size of the place fire is likely to be triggered
If the room to be installed a Singapore fire extinguisher is big, it is better to buy as bigger fire extinguisher like the 10 pond one. In case the room is small, a 5 pound can be enough. If there is a high chance that the fire will start from a particular place in a small room, then the stove-top type will be appropriate, as it usually gets activated automatically if the temperature set is reached.

The weight of the extinguisher.
After considering all the above factors, you can go to the store where they sell them and practically try carrying the type that you have considered appropriate. Be sure that you can carry it and operate it without any difficulty. If this is not the case, consider selecting two smaller extinguishers rather than one.

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