What To Do If Your Washing Machine Gets Noisy

Are you experiencing some problems with your washing machine? Well, I truly understand what you might be feeling as I had the same issue with mine. Last Saturday I came from work and wanted to wash my clothes. But after putting my clothes in the machine, I realized that it was producing some weird noises that I had not heard before. Well if you are experiencing the same problems, you can follow the following steps so you can be able to repair the machine as I did with mine.
1. Turn the machine off.
Before you start doing any repair on the washing machine, it is advisable that you turn it off and unplug from the power source. Your machine may be in the process of cleaning where it is cycling, and therefore at this stage, it is advisable that you read the instructions menu on what to do show you be able to shut it and drain it as well so as to avoid causing further damage to the machine.
2. Check the stands.
This is the next procedure I followed when my machine had a problem. This is because you may find that your machine is not firmly standing hence causing the noises. Therefore check the feet of the machine to ensure that they are good. If you find that they are loose, you can unscrew them and tighten them afresh. Also, the reason may be that the place you have put the washing machine is not leveled hence the imbalance is causing the issue. Therefore ensure that the device is placed on a leveled floor where it is firmly standing.
3. Avoid overloading the machine.
One crucial thing to do before you start using your washing machine is to read the instruction menu. Each machine has the type and number of clothes that it is supposed to clean at a given point. Therefore if you overload the washing machine, it may cause the noises or if you wash the clothes that are not supposed to be used with that device such as the blankets. Therefore if your machine has started to produce the noises ones you load clothes for washing, check the number of clothes and the type as well just to ensure that it is not the cause of the problem. Another reason that may be related to the clothes is if you are washing unbalanced clothes which force the machine to shake violently hence causing the noises as a result of the force. If this is the case, make sure that you wash the clothes that are on the same balance and ensure that they have the same washing speed and time as well. For example, I always wash my towels separately from other clothes as towels suck in a lot of water.
4. Buy a quiet machine.
Different washing machines are being invented with some that work without producing any noises. Therefore if you feel that the device you are using is creating some disturbing noises and you feel like replacing it with another one, you can buy a machine that has less noise or does not produce such sounds. You may also find that some machines have settings where you can control the sounds on the machine. So check your washing machine and see if it has such settings and try to minimize the sounds or remove the sounds completely. If you find that the machine does not have such settings, then I would advise you that when you go to buy another machine, you test it and ensure that it fits your criteria.
5. Check the drum bearing.
If you still find that the above ideas have not worked in repairing your machine, at this point check if it has a default on the bearing. If it has such a problem, don’t worry as it is something that is repairable. Therefore turn the drum and see if it is still in the right position. If you find that it does not then contact a technician to check it and if it requires being replaced he will advise you on the right spare part to buy for repairing.
6. Contact a professional.
If I can’t be able to fix something in my house especially electronics, I always contact my technician to come and check it. It is important, so you don’t add more damage to the device. Therefore it is advisable that you know when to contact a Washing Machine Repair Man.
A washing machine is a great device that makes our work easy when it comes to cleaning our clothes. But do not worry if you find that it has some problems such as producing unwanted noises as you can follow the above tips to have your machine fixed.

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