Because Christmas is a family time the cruise companies are offering family holidays for Christmas, Hannukkah and New Year’s Eve. It needn’t be just your immediate family, why not take a group. Grandparents, in-laws, friends and make up your own wonderful Christmas party.

There are cruises to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Australia, Europe, across oceans, up rivers or around lakes, city tours, Christmas Market cruises, whichever you chose you are sure to have a great time.

The pleasure of a cruise is that everything is under one roof. Once you are unpacked that is it. No driving to the next scenic spot or repacking as you move on to the next tourist site. You can just relax and enjoy the journey in the comfort of your own traveling room. Beautiful scenery, excellent food, excursions, exciting nightlife, great shows and entertainers, fabulous party nights, relaxing bars, trendy boutiques and if you are feeling more energetic a range of sports facilities and activities. There is something to suit everyone. If you want to spend some romantic time together a cruise is the perfect place. Even if you have the family with you this is possible, there is so much to see and do the whole family will be kept entertained.

So for a truly relaxing Christmas this year why not try a cruise.

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