Akershus Castle

Akershus Castle is the most important medieval monument of Norway, whose history has played a leading role for more than seven centuries.

Built around 1300, on the initiative of King Håkon V Magnusson and modernized three centuries later, under the reign of King Christian IV of Denmark and Norway, Akershus Fortress looks like a Renaissance castle.

Today, Akershus Fortress houses the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum and the Norwegian Resistance Museum and an information center and of course the piece of resistance for visitors, In the fortress is also found a model of the old town, Christiania City Model.

And the park surrounding the fortress is ideal for picnics. From here we see perfectly Hall towers, ships from Aker Brygge and Oslo fjord.

Akershus Castle
The castle contains beautifully decorated rooms, housing an impressive collection of furniture, tapestries and paintings dating from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the church, the Royal Mausoleum, Hall banquets and receptions designed room. Visiting the Castle ticket price is 65 kr.
The Church of Castle is dating from 1580 and is today the main military church in Norway.

Here are officiating jobs from mid-March until the end of June, then from August to early December. The church can be used for celebrating marriages and baptisms by military or civilian personnel of the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Originally decorated by King Christian IV and restored in 1749, the church was later converted into a garrison church, and in 1938 has become the main church where have been organized royal funerals. Last restoration of the castle church dates from 1948, when the Royal Mausoleum was built.

Hall Christian IV offers on three of its sides, views over the Oslo town. In the eighteenth century, the hall was divided into several smaller rooms converted into apartments for the king and queen of Denmark and Norway.

Today, decorated with aristocratic portraits, chandeliers and expensive tapestries, the hall is destinated to organized receptions by the government at the Castle.

Romericke hall was also decorated with tapestries and portraits of remarkable painters, where the presence of dozens of empty seats did not go unnoticed, is used as dinner hall during official receptions.

On leaving the castle, fortress walls from the sea of ​​leave at the sight pictures of the giant ocean liners anchored in the nearby marina and further the City Hall building and elegant constructions of Aker Brygge.

Just like at the Royal Palace, guards changing ceremony can be followed daily from 13.30 and until 14.

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