I have been looking at a number of adventure holidays that cover the Christmas period. One of the most interesting would be a trip to Antarctica. These usually take place aboard converted icebreakers. That sounds a bit rough and ready but believe me they are not. You can expect a high degree of comfort while you view the rugged and beautiful white continent.

From the comfort of the ship you will see icebergs, vast glaciers and soaring cliffs. You will watch the antics of the penguins as they run and slide on the ice. You will see the seals playing and if you are lucky the whales too.

You will learn about the wildlife you are seeing and about the natural environment and the history of the area.There will be expeditions ashore to get an up close and personal view of Antarctica.

So for a very interesting , exciting and unusual holiday Antarctica at Christmas might be just the thing for you. One thing is for sure it will be a white Christmas!

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