Malta is a very up and coming little island. It is in the Mediterranean just south of Sicily. So as you would expect quite good weather all year round. Very hot summers and a short mild/cool winter. It is great for sailing, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, archaeology, photography, history, architecture and so much more.

For the holiday maker whether a family group, teenagers or an older couple you will find just about whatever you could wish for in a holiday. There are  plenty of Hotels in every price range. In the summer it gets very hot, there are beaches to laze away the days on, boat trips, water sports, sightseeing, plenty of bars and restaurants and at night, clubs, nightclubs, cinemas, theaters, bars and some great food all to make your evenings enjoyable.

If you are thinking of relocating to Malta it is quite easy if you are from a member of the EU. Within days you could be renting a property, opening a bank account and getting settled. Three months after your arrival you should organise an Identity Card and after that get your medical card. All are quite straight forward and if you feel you don’t want to deal with it you can always use an accountant to sort everything out for you. Every day living in Malta can be more expensive than on the mainland simple because it is an island and everything is imported. However if you  buy local produce and live a less materialistic life as the Maltese do it is probably not that expensive. There is no council tax, gas is very inexpensive and income tax is lower. However water and electricity are expensive and should not be used as freely as you might normally use them.

For the investor Malta is a very good option at the moment. There is an over abundance of property being built so the prices at the moment are probably considerably lower than you would expect of a Mediterranean Island in the sun. Being such a small island there is only a limited amount of land that can be built on so the prime seafront property should go up in value quite nicely over the next few years.

Malta has a stable economy, stable government, is English speaking, has a number of large foreign investors doing quite large projects at the moment (one of these being the new Smart City) there are new shopping malls being built, a new state of the art hospital has just been completed, people are investing in businesses related to the upturn in the tourist industry. So all in all Malta would seem a very good choice for investment. So whether you are just looking for your next holiday destination, a new home abroad or somewhere to invest your money, consider Malta, a lovely island in the sun.

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