Perge, Antalya

The ancient city of Perge in Antalya, Turkey, is a place that puts you in contact with the once-powerful and expansive Roman Empire.

There are huge majestic buildings in Perga, such as Grand Theatre and the Stadium, with typically Hellenistic towers. Nearby Acropolis there are many more historic buildings, and the best way to explore Perge is by car or via a guided tour. Otherwise, you can very easily be lost in the city.

Perge is one of the most important ancient cities in Turkey. Hellenistic gates are an interesting viewpoint, and their inscriptions refer to Calchas and Mopsus who took part in the Trojan War. Records Hittite has also mentioned Perga as a river town. Perge is best known in history for two women: Plates Magna of the second century, who helped build the city, and Prof. Jale Inan who discovered the city we see today.

As soon as you enter the ancient Roman city of Perge you are greeted by a theater. The structure is as follows the Stadium, which is also one of the best preserved in the city. The best part of Perge is Cardo, which has several artificial waterfalls along the streets all the way to the Acropolis entrance. When you return after visiting all these places, you can stop by the Agora.

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