Rathaus and Rathauspark

Rathaus serves as headquarters for both mayor and city council district of Vienna. It was designed by Friedrich von Schmidt in the Gothic style, built between 1872 and 1883. On the turn is Rathausmann, a symbol of Vienna. In Rathaus’ front is a large park called Rathauspark.

Rathaus is also home to the historic restaurant ‘Wiener Rathauskeller “. It consists of several salons in the Baroque style, offering the traditional Viennese delicacies and buffet in the gala room. Recent renovations include neo-baroque Ziehrer salon reopening and modifying the Friedrich von Lanner –Lehar salon.
Rathaus (Vienna City Hall) is located in District 1 of the Old Town of Vienna. The building was built between 1872 and 1873 by architect Friedrich von Schmidt. It is built in Gothic style, with many towers, with a rich decorated facade.
The Rathaus has the mayor Vienna offices, local council and senate of Vienna, and other municipal departments. Also, the Rathaus has the governor and federal region council offices in Vienna. In Rathaus there are working more than 2,000 people.
In 1850, due to annexation of numerous suburbs, area and population of Vienna increased considerably. Thus, old hall street Wipplinger became too small and therefore, in the years 1858-1865, is demolished by the imperial decision.
For construction of new buildings of the hall there have ben submitted to City Hall several projects. German architect Friedrich von Schmidt was a winner.

Rathaus was completed in 1873 and was part of a larger project to extend Vienna. Previously, in 1869, was completed the Vienna State Opera. Thereafter, Parliament building was completed in 1883, the new buildings of the University of Vienna, in 1884, and the new theater inaugurated in 1888.
The building is 152 m long and 127 m wide, it has 1575 rooms and 2065 windows. It cost about 14 million guilders.

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