Ta Prohm Temple

Ta Prohm is the temple most invaded by the “octopus”. From the entrance, impress you the roots of a strangled fig.

Built in the Bayon style at the end of 12th century and early 13th century by King Jayavarman VII Khmer, it is one of the few places that has been left almost like when rediscovering the site in the 19th century.
It is incredible how Spung secular trees have embraced the ancient city in the six centuries when it was abandoned. For surprising images and impressive landscape, Ta ​​Prohm was chosen as site for filming of Tomb Raider.

Ta Prohm Temple is famous due to the fact that a part of the walls are “embraced” by the huge, tropical trees which basically support the building structure from collapsing. If the tree dies, then a part of Ta Phrom would die too.

Ta Prohm Temple aattracts views of every tourist with its unique look: thick roots of trees have crossed the walls and are kept intact in order not to jeopardize the structural strength.

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